Absorption issues?


Do you feel like you’re having issues absorbing supplements, nutrients?

I have been working with a friend on her absorption issues. Learning about metals and glyphosate has been really telling as far as absorption goes. The side effects/ reaction from round up/ Glyphosate that kills weeds is devastating to absorption and fertility. What happens is this component stops the plant from being able to absorb nutrients which eventually starves it and that’s how it dies. This is the same issue that is being found in the guts of humans. Including infants because they are finding glyphosate in breastmilk. Similarly heavy metals confuse the cells and because of the reflection of the metals, cells don’t always do their job properly, this includes absorbing nutrients. I have included a few links from reputable source so that you can research your on own, and come to your own conclusions.

From yourgreenpal.com

“1. Roundup and Gut Bacteria

Simply stated, just as glyphosate blocks the shikimate pathway in plants, it disrupts a similar pathway in humans. Though shikimic acid is unique to plants and not produced in humans, glyphosate interrupts the functions of several amino acids and enzymes.

That’s not all, one of these enzymes, cytochrome P450, is crucial for proper gut function ^. This enzyme is produced by the gut microbiome, and is absolutely necessary for helping the body detoxify from xenobiotics, and environmental toxins. Over the long term, this inhibition of the cytochrome P450 can lead to a range of diseases, most commonly perhaps is celiac disease. But that is only the start.

You may think the gut microbiome is insignificant, but recently science is finding out otherwise. In fact, gut health is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy body. Recently coined the “second brain” by Dr. Michael D. Gershon’s, it has been found that the gut is directly linked to the brain, and cognitive well being, and that is only the start ^ .”

If you have any of the following symptoms, then heavy metal toxicity could be affecting your health:

• Tremors

• Headaches

• Infertility

• Mental “fogginess”

• Anxiety and depression

• Deteriorating eye health

• Memory problems

• Poor kidney function

• Digestive problems

• Tingling sensations in the hands, feet, and/or around the mouth

• Poor immune function (recurrent infections, an autoimmune disease)

The following are a list of references from my Facebook live about hidden chemicals

Chemicals hidden in our clothing


Round up




After researching like a mad person I have found one product I have my entire family using that helps remove round up from the body and repair the gut lining also known as leaky gut.


If you are a researcher, check out the benefits and ingredients of this product! Of course- here is a discount on your first order to those suffering with breast implant illness

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Disclaimer: please remember I am not a doctor all statements made are based on my own research and my own personal experience, please do your own research.

Grounding and healing

I found out about breast implant illness because of my journey with infertility. I was always told I would have a hard time getting pregnant because I had cystic ovaries and thyroid issues. I worked out a lot so my testosterone was high and periods sparse- that didn’t help!

The first time around – (trying to conceive with my 5 year old) I quit coffee. The sudden lack of daily acid must have shifted me eno7ugh to get pregnant.

It was a rough pregnancy. At the end my anxiety got bad and after baby it got worse. Little did I know the disruption of the bio film around my implant and my implants were the main cause. Having my background in all things natural, I was doing all I could to feel better/normal. It was helping, some but was not the solution.

I went to all kinds of fertility experts and they said I wasn’t ovulating. ” these things happen.”

What really happened was the silicone and had shut down my reproductive Hormone and endocrine disrupters!

Four weeks after explant I was pregnant! It was a miracle. Prior to that I had been trying for 2.5 years! I breastfed! It was so much better than with implant! I wasn’t sure what to expect!

I’m back to detoxing. It turns out ( after more testing)… there’s still work to be done there.

Detoxing has always been rough because I have a MTHFR imbalance. I say imbalance instead of mutation because after research -I belong to the school of thought MTHFR iS a lack of riboflavin ( more on that soon).

everyone wants to know where to start detoxing! It’s different for everyone and the symptoms you deal with tell you which organs and systems are struggling most. It’s most important to stabilize and detox your liver and kidneys first. They need to be in top shape because everything filters through them. If your liver is struggling chances are you aren’t digesting proteins well.

They can be tricky anyway and they all filter through the liver. Plant proteins are the easiest to digest. One of the reason going plant based helps detoxing.

So how does this post related to grounding?! Right as I started to detox again ( second round) I found that like everyone I have my harder days where I’m detoxing harder. Every morning I go out when the dew is still in the grass and head to my garden. The dew helps connect you to the earth. Maybe this sounds hooky- but the energy helps stabilize the body. In a works of EMF, smart phones and WiFi the electoral body needs the natural energy to balance out.

I make sure to stick my hands in the dirt, I do this with my kids in the morning and before bed. It helps sleep and relaxation. My children just think it’s play time. But it’s done with intention. But! The dirt has a lot of good bacteria ( did you know lots of the good bacteria in your gut isn’t human😱). Build good bacteria too by starting wity prebiotics!

How often do you go barefoot outside? How often do you meditate or stick your hands in dirt? I highly recommend it!

Ideas HERE

Welcome! Pre explant detox


I am so happy you have decided to share your journey with us 🙂 detoxing from breast implant illness is such an important part of the journey. While there are many suggestions listed here none are made by a clinical doctor, suggestions are based off of personal experience. Each person will have different reactions and needs please be sure to do all your own research.

There are many stages to the journey of healing breast implant illness. The first and most important is coming to terms with this as your own diagnosis. Research your symptoms communicate with women in groups, be in more than one group.

It is believed that detoxing while your implants are still intact is useless. However this has significant credit I believe if heavy metals is an issue for you and you are experiencing the side effects that go along with heavy metals starting to peel them back does help. When I determined I had breast implant illness I couldn’t stand another minute in my skin without doing something. My brain fog and fatigue was so intense I could barely make it through a day.

Pre explant- my salvation was :

Benetonite clay 3 hours before eating in the am. The clay worked as a binder and helped remove chemicals. I had energy after taking it each day.

Can’t beet this: This is a beet supplement but the combination of ingredients makes it more bioavailable and extremely effective. While it is a detox product, it helps with methylation or detoxing . The formulation also has Cordycpt mushrooms which help open up the respiratory system and green tea which is an important antioxidant.

I did Yoga Nidra. No matter what your religious orientation is, it’s amazing and calming. This helped me so much with anxiety. It is free on YouTube. I made my intention ” my body is healing and removing all toxins I feel amazing” it is important that you find intention that feels good to you.

I did no other detoxing prior to explant.

The day of explant:

This day should be a day of rest along with the days to follow. I had a Tea recipe from my best friend and Master Herbalist.

1/2 chamomile

1/2 res clover tea

4 cups a day are used only organic high-quality herbs. Just help to detox my liver and all the anesthetic I felt amazing using this tea combination.

Beginning your detox journey

Where you start to detox all depends on where you’re at in your journey.

In Chinese medicine they believe the liver is the “angry organ” of your liver is toxic then you could feel angry along with many other emotions that make it hard to feel yourself.


Many suffering from Bii or healing from Bii have gone through many tests trying to figure out why they are suffering. For me personally this was very helpful to decide where to start detoxing. Every persons detoxing symptoms and detoxing needs will be different. Here I will lay out some natural ideas and suggestions for detoxing different symptoms and issues.

After explant majority of symptoms often dissipate. However we are often still left with residual toxins including anesthesia that will need to be detoxed. The body may or may not do this on its own. Many suffering the most with BII symptoms have a gene mutation known as MTHFR. There are many variance to this gene mutation. They all share a similar characteristic, which is the body cannot use some synthetic forms of B vitamins specifically B 12 and folic acid. A methylated form of B vitamins can significantly help your detoxification process as well as mood/depression issues. After trial and error I have my favorite brands… many are found on Amazon! I am happy to share!

Detoxing your liver AFTER explant is HUGE. Easy ways to start detoxing the liver?

Hot water and lemon in the morning before anything else. Sounds simple but it’s very helpful!

Beet supplements. Organic beets in fresh juices. I use a beet complex. Especially take beet before you sweat or do a workout or sauna. This helps soften the liver and will help to detoxify. Make sure you were drinking at least a gallon of water a day while you detox otherwise you will feel much worse. Detoxifying is a process and you may feel nauseous, headaches or other side effects some people even get “flare ups”, rashes during this time or other strange side effects.

Glutathione. This is particularly important for those who have MTHFR. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that’s made in the body’s cells. Its levels decrease as a result of aging, stress, and toxin exposure. Boosting glutathione may provide many health benefits, including reduction of oxidative stress

NAC is another supplement can help reduce damage to the kidneys and liver which is huge for anyone who has dealt with BII. For me, I had to wait to start the glutathione and NAC until I started with beets and lemon. They were a bit “too much” at first. I built up a gradient to detox. Starting slowly was key for me. You will need to constantly check in with yourself to make sure things are working for you, since everyone is different there is no one fix that works for everyone.


Here is a quick video about MTHFR


Disclaimer : We are not doctors. All of suggestions are from personal experience also through helping others some people will have stronger detoxing symptoms than others. Please do your own research

Breast Implant Illness

First let me say posting a crappy picture of me is probably my least favorite thing EVER. But Im not posting this for me. Im posting this for all the ladies who have found my previous posts and contacted me to tell me I set them on the path that has changed their life for the better, and for those who will find this post.

I was an implant advocate. A personal trainer and a wellness coach.

“Feel great about your body- why not!” -UGH-

When I heard of breast implant illness for the first time no one was really talking about it. Even though there was a whisper when Crystal Hefner had them removed but that wasn’t plastered all over the place by any means. The story seemed to sink to the back pages. I mean it sure is the bread and butter for many plastic surgeons.

It was August 2016, I didn’t believe it- or want to. It wasn’t until Dec 25th that I realized it was in fact what I was dealing with. I received my results of my heavy metal test and it was through the roof. I was at a loss. I was the healthiest person I knew. So crazy about toxic chemicals and organic food. Cleaning with only non toxic cleaners. We used only non toxic baby toys. I had changed my make-up and all cosmetics since getting pregnant. Where could this be coming from????

I had been getting every test I could… seeing every specialist. I was infertile but only because my body just stopped ovulating. I had PCOS but that didn’t stop me from getting pregnant in 3 months with my daughter. I had changed my diet and saw an Acupuncturist and BOOM!

I was tired and short tempered and had severe brain fog. My body was aching and I was blaming it all on being a new mom. So I figured it was normal.

A family friend – had a friend who had just explanted. I stumbled on a lovely Facebook group which would change my life forever. Thousand of women just like me having similar issues!

Apparently- for me, the biofilm that had surrounded my implants was disrupted by breast-feeding. Kind of shaking loose all of the toxins that were kept inside. It exacerbated my symptoms significantly. My anxiety was through the roof! My brain fog and body aches through the roof. I was dead by 3pm everyday. My face started to look older and weathered, my skin was dull and dry, my hair was dry thin and brittle. I was struggling with thyroid issues, autoimmune and mood disorders- so much more!

Then almost 2 years ago- Feb 10 2017 I was liberated and have never looked back.

5 weeks after my explant I looked ten years younger, 10lbs lighter and I was pregnant!!!!

I’ll be sharing all my magical detoxing tricks on the next post!

Metal Sensitivity – Crowns, Lumaneers and Other Dental Implants.

Last night while finishing up my cough drop with a final crunch I felt something strange fishing around in my mouth. My gold crown had popped off.

I have MTHFR a gene mutation which is theorized to effect 85% of the population. A very short and non inclusive version is, this gene mutation doesn’t allow the body to utilize B12 or Folic acid. Because of this it turns “toxic” in the body. It also doesn’t allow the body to detox as it should. That includes toxins from food, environment, metals, plastics and much more!

So a gold or metal tooth could really effect someone with this gene mutation poorly. And it was!

As mentioned in my post about implant illness, my metals were extremely high before “explant”( removing breast implants).

Especially copper- which is linked to high anxiety-and often found in women, especially postpartum.

My mouth was tasting like metal often. Because none of my tests mentioned “gold” as metal that was considered in high range I discounted it. However my copper was through the roof! Assuming my tooth was purely gold, I carried on looking for other sources.

Today visiting my dentist in Clearwater, at the lovely Sunset Smiles I explained that I was very sensitive to metals and the reasons why. We started researching together and found that even ceramic choices were reinforced with metal. EUREKA! I never would have assumed this?! But what now?im not adding metal back in my mouth but I cannot chew! We researched on, even the office manager joined in! ( She is now offering non metal choices for those searching for ” greener ” more “granola” choices).

My gold tooth which was “gold” wasn’t just gold. It’s gold alloy which means it’s reinforced with other metals. Specifically copper!

There are many other types:

PFM Which stands for porcelain-fused metal

Silver which have a large % of mercury. I believe it’s 50%. As we now know that’s a neurotoxin that causes a lot of damage to the body and nervous system. Including but not limited to chronic migraines. Apparently approximately 25% less dentists offer this- these days from what I’ve researched. Which means a large amount of people are still getting them done?!

Ceramic which seems like the safer choice? Right? Nope! Zirconia crowns are made of

(zirconium dioxide) is a white, powdered metal oxide, made from zirconium, a metal with similar properties to titanium or steel.

E-Max is the safest choice as far as avoiding metals goes. It’s the only dental choice without metal, made from porcelain-glass… however it’s not as strong. They are likely to break easier. However if you are as sensitive as I am to metals, then you take your chances.

Most lumineers and other tooth replacements are made zirconia. We have many other bone and spine replacements made of similar materials, it says it’s safe?!

You would hope those in charge of such things would look out for our best interest. Maybe there are no other options?

But studies have shown “pit marks” in steel removed from hip replacements where the body tried to break it down and get rid of it.

I realize this doesn’t leave many choices for us in the way of “replacement parts”. Hoping we can find new alternative solutions the body doesn’t try to fight off. Since the current devices signal the bodies inflammatory responses and create autoimmune issues.

If you are having heavy metal symptoms, take a look at what you have in your mouth too!